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Advertise to Teens: Teens and Young Adults are a valuable market to advertisers. We will review your submission and (if accepted) provide you with instructions for making your payment via PayPal.


It's easy to advertise on our website and reach thousands of teens, parents and young adults worldwide. You'll get a page dedicated to whatever you want to say, starting at only $100/year!

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Your page will be accessible from every page via the "Navigational Bar" located on the left side. You can make changes to your page as you see fit (free of charge).


Most human readers never even see your keywords (unless they use their browser's toolbar to view "Source"). However, Search Engines use them to help determine relevance.

Your page must focus on one (1) Specific Keyword (enter it as the 1st Keyword). Don't dilute your Specific Keyword by entering too many words into this box (maximum of 5 Keywords in the KEYWORD BOX is recommended).


Every page starts with a Headline. Your "top-of-the-page" Headline is the first thing that humans will read on your Web page. Catch the attention of their scanning eyes. Draw your visitors into your page... AND lead them to the rest of your message.


Remember, your Specific Keyword should appear in The Content Box. Include it in at least one, exactly the way that you entered it in the Keywords Box. This is where you "tell your story."

Once your headline has done its job of pulling the reader into your copy, it's time to pick up the Headline's thread and take it the rest of the way.

How Long Should your Page Be?

Your Keyword-Focused Content Page is a flexible works of "word-art." Provide the high quality information your visitors seek in a way that respects their time.

Make the length "just right" for your target audience. "Too short" will likely fail to engage. "Too long" can intimidate. In general, it's better to break one long page into 4 to 8 short paragraphs with related Specific Keywords.

Submit your advertisement according to the suggestions above. We will review your submission and (if accepted) build your page and provide instructions for making your payment via PayPal. Remember, opportunity doesn't knock any more, it double clicks!

You'll soon be advertising on, a popular clearinghouse specializing in teen and young adult nutrition, fitness, self-esteem, educational and fashion issues.

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