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. is destined to be the premier site on the Internet for the teen population. With the exponential expansion of online activity, here parents/guardians, schools and communities have a safe place on the Internet where teens can go to learn about many topics of vital interest to them.

More importantly, any and all "interactivity" that a teen might engage in through participation encouraged by will be considered as a site that is safe and constructive by parents/guardians.

Kudos to, a major contributor to the betterment of teens everywhere!

Burton Danet, Ph.D.
A Better Community For All (ABC4All)
Manhattan Beach, California

I checked out, and as the mother of two teenagers, I can honestly tell you that it is packed with useful information for many of the issues that teens deal with every day.

Della Menechella
Success Coach, Speaker & Corporate Trainer.

I was looking for way to get rid of the terrible acne I had. I got all the info I needed to take this off of my face, thank you. I will recomend you to plenty of my friends... thanks guys!!

John, 16 years old
Mesa, Arizona

I am the Director of Plus Teen USA Pageant and Conference. Our mission is to empower plus size teens and help them to feel better about themselves so they can get past the things that are stopping them from living more productive lives.

Having struggled with low self esteem as a plus size teen, trust me, I feel your pain. Although I can't say that I've ever hated myself, I do not believe that anyone has been more insecure about their body than I was.

I have come to hate that ugly enemy called low self esteem because it has taken so much away from mankind. I am devoted to spending my life doing everything I can to steal, kill and destroy that ugly monster.

If you are a plus teen and want to breathe a big sigh, finally letting go of all that is holding you back, keeping you from living out your purpose, shock yourself and become a contestant in the Plus Teen USA Pageant.

No experience, talent or swimsuit are necessary. You will leave feeling like a much more confident you. You're only a teen once, and now's your time to shine.

Jacqueline Lawrence

Wow! I just finished taking a more thorough look at and I am absolutely overwhelmed. I am truly impressed.

Charles C. Cordova
Journey To Myridia, a Young Adult Fantasy Novel

I had the distinct pleasure of meeting Carlos Ayala personally and learning more about After browsing through the site, I must say that it is very comprehensive and loaded with information that will help address the most pressing teen issues today. I know that my pre-teens will get a lot of value from this site and I'd recommend it highly to any parent with a pre-teen or teen in their family.

Felicia Davis
Founder & Chief Visionary
WomenCEO Network.

What a great site for teens! Covering everything from weight loss to fashion to scholastics, truly a one-stop site for the teen seeking help on all manner of topics. A real asset for our teenagers.

Mark Daniel

I think this website is great; it's amazing that it has a place to post your thoughts or comments, it really helps me to feel like my daughter is not alone. She constantly feels depressed and is insecure about herself.

She is only about 5-10 pounds overweight. But I feel like -- if she wants to live in a healthy way and take control of her weight as well as physical appearance -- then that is good!

We’ve talked to each other (and also to counselors) about her issues with her weight and depression, and decided to let her choose on her own how to handle the "weight situation" that she feels she is currently facing. Her name is Caroline, and she is very appreciating of this website, she truly enjoys posting messages and constantly does whenever she feels she needs to. Thanks so much!!!!

New Haven
Kentucky, United States

As a parent, I was most impressed by the volume of information that is provided on the web site.

Bob DeLaet
NJ, United States

Hi am Rachael. Like most people I deal with weight problems. I weighed 212 pounds but I never looked that big, but I still looked overweight.

I was never at the point of hurting myself, but I was very depressed. I didn't like to be talking a lot because if everybody saw me talking or dancing or even having fun, they would think what that fat girl doing.

So my self-esteem became lower and lower, until I felt like dirt.

All these things weren't in my mind either people were actually saying them. So I became to hate school and dread to walk in and be hated. My mind seemed to make everything worse. Then after school ended in June, I was still depressed.

Then I remembered this site, and I came to it. I looked at all the stories about people losing weight and I felt that I could do this. So a few days later on June 14, 2005 I started dieting and working out.

I rode my bike and walked and a number of random things. Finally I lost weight. 2 months later I have lost 18 to 20 pounds. And hope to lose more. I dropped two dress sizes too!

I am so happy. I just want to thank everyone on this site for making these stories and push me to lose weight. Thanks for a wonderful site. Finally I lost weight!

Rachael (13 years old)
Findlay, Ohio
United States

My 14 year old daughter has been visiting your site and I thought I would say thanx. She is at the age where she is getting very conscience about her looks and that fact that she chose exercise rather than the stupid diets that so many teenage girls choose in today's age, just makes me smile and glad that she found your site! Keep up the great work!

New Paris, Ohio
United States

Hi, I'm Shinelle. I'm 13 yrs old and I'll be 14 on the 24th of this month. This site is really cool. I LOVE IT!! I'm going to tell all my friends about it! This site has a lot of great advice -- and since God said to share, I'll do so with my friends. I was hoping I could of gottan something free for my birthday which is coming up. But anyway, thanks for all that you have given us teenage girls. THANK YOU!! You are doing a wonderful job!

Shinelle (13 yrs old)
Trinidad & Tobago

Hi, I love the site... my daughter is slightly overweight and this is a great site for her.

Wake Forest, NC
United States

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