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Author: Joshua
Age: 14
City: Hanover
State/Prov: NH
Country: United States

Here are some ststistics for you lazy teens out there that will suprise you.

I work for 5 Hours a day on weekends for $7 and around 5$ in tips an hour. So for $12 an hour, I make around $120 a WEEK.

Now, I also get $6 a week from allowance, so thats $126 a week. But the monety doesn't stop there.

Every week I deposit the take of last week into a CD that has a monthly compound intrest of 3.7%.

So, let's say I put on the $504 I get in a month in the bank. I get(504x.037), or more than 18 EXTRA! Talk about money making money!

So if you think you can't make money grow fast, just work a little extra, and trust me, itt'l grow.

Author: Mikele
Age: 15
City: Beulaville
State/Prov: North Carolina
Country: United States

Do you like to go out and buy things? Well I do and I don't want to have to go to my parents for it. The fact is that some parents don't have the money to give to their children.

That's why I think that kids should be able to go out and get jobs. Everyone wants money. It is a requirement for someone who is healthy.

And I think that if younger people want to work, why not let them? It has come to my attention that I usually don't have much money, but if I had a job that would change.

I am not saying that money is everything, but if you want something you have to have it. Money is not the root to all evil, the love of money is, so I think if kids are willing to work for it, why not give them a chance.

ATTENTION: Data Entry Teen Workers Needed.

Earn $25-$50/hr. Work from Home at PC. Good Typing Skills Required. HURRY... Apply Online HERE.

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