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Author: Jackie
Age: 17
City: Dayton
State/Prov: Ohio
Country: USA

Hi girls, I just wanted to let you all know that I have finally lost 15 lbs. with online eDiets for teens. I now feel and look better so much better and I'm so happy : )

Thank you so much, you are the best, thanxs!

Author: Adriane
Age: 18
City: Cononut Creek
State/Prov: Florida
Country: USA

I was exercising before starting with eDiets, but after looking back at my pictures from a summer on the beach, I realized exercise alone wasn't enough. The only way to be a "fit and attractive teen" like I wanted, was to eat healthy as well.

With eDiets I found a tremendous amount of support — not only with recipes and menu planning, but also from fellow members. "I love the support you can get at any moment of the day, tt makes this journey that much easier."

Author: Debbie
Age: 16
City: San Diego
State/Prov: CA
Country: USA

I looked in the mirror one day and decided enough was enough. At size 18, I made up my mind that I would not allow myself to go up another clothes size -- ever. That September, I turned to online eDiets for teens for help and, since then, I have found incredible success.

I knew I would need help along the way to reach my goal of fitting into a size 6. That was my dream, and I enlisted eDiets to help me get there -- and it's working! Using the fitness advice and meal planning tools, I developed a new, healthier (and slimmer!) lifestyle.

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