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Belly Dance Videos: Belly dancing and weight loss... can belly dancing help you lose weight?


Belly dancing is a Middle Eastern dance in which the dancer makes sensuous movements of the hips and abdomen. It incorporates great exercise movements for teens.

Belly dance is the Western name for an Arabic-style of dance developed in the Middle East. Some American devotees refer to it simply as "Middle Eastern Dance". We recommend Belly Dance for Teens because it is a fun activity that develops or maintains physical fitness and overall health.

Belly Dance for Teens is a celebration of style, beauty, and physical fitness.

Teens get to break away to exotic and far away cultures through music and dance! Using high-end technology, this presentation blends modern applications with the ancient art form of belly dance; making it an effective instructional tool.

The actual dance is based on one of the oldest social dances in world history, native to North Africa, Asia and the Middle East and is great for exercising and having fun.

Belly dancing has recently been made widely popular by Latin superstar Shakira, whose dancing combines belly dance, Latino, and modern dance styles. Her part-Lebanese ethnic background highly influences her belly dance style and is closer to original belly dance.

We also recommend that you download Discovering the Art of Belly Dancing, because belly dancing can be truly life-changing experience for teens. It speaks to you on a level that no other dance can, and enriches your life on a physical, spiritual and emotional level.

Discover why belly dancing has endured the centuries and become more popular today than ever before by clicking here.

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Belly Dance Videos. Belly dancing and weight loss. Can belly dancing help you lose weight?

Belly Dance Videos