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Brain food is very important. In fact, your brain would be dead, if not for the energetic interplay of sodium and potassium ions across your brain-cell membranes.

The dynamic dance of these earth elements creates waves of biological lightning that pulse throughout your billion miles of nerve fibers, allowing your inner galaxy of neurons to fully network.

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Because your diet affects the brain chemicals that influence your mood and behavior, the thought processes and emotional reactions that ultimately create the story of your life! Fortunately though, what you eat is within your power to control. Or more accurately... your will-power to control.

The more you know about the food-brain connection, the more empowered you are to make dietary decisions that benefit your brain. Remember, you are what you eat!

Fatty Acids from fats to create the specialized cells that allow you to think and feel.

Amino Acids from proteins to make the neurotransmitters that allow your brain cells to network.

Glucose from carbohydrates to produce the energy that moves and motivates you.

Micronutrients from fruits & vegetables to safeguard its cells from damage and dysfunction.

How well you nourish your brain determines how well your brain will nurture you -- for the performance of a lifetime.

We are the adapted offspring of Earth – creatures of habitat – interactive beings animated by the amazing metabolic dance of life. Nutrients from the earth nourish our innate propensity toward wellness. Balances may shift, but harmony and health are the hallmarks of our existence.

When all the elements are present, you can experience the vigor, the vitality and the creativity that is your birthright.

Brain Food