How To Flatten Your Abs
Best Abs & Back Exercises

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Research suggests that "apple-shaped" individuals with extra fat at the waistline may have a higher risk than "pear-shaped" people with heavy hips and thighs. If your waist is a large as the size of your hips, or larger, you may have a higher risk of coronary heart disease.


You can have strong, athletic, rock-hard abs. But nothing will work unless you combine it with a balanced diet and exercise regularly. So remember to bookmark this page for future reference, don't forget to tell your friends about us and please give us your feedback and you will receive a FREE gift right away.

Comments from teens about abs & back exercises.
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Author: Adia
Age: 15
City: Grand Perie
State: Texas
Country: USA

Hi my Name is Adia,

I’m 15 and I'm a Model. I weigh about 133 LBS which is pretty good for my height which is 5'9" but I have a little problem area which is my stomach -- I would like to know what I should do and what type of exercises and food I should eat to get my stomach toned and tight?

Since I want to become a model and actress and all. And how can I do all that in 2 months? I am getting ready for a modeling competition which I hope to win or get noticed and I’m going for the fitness and swimsuit type.

Author: Alexander
Age: 15
City: Leicester
Country: England

Hi, I really want a flatter stomach or a 6 pack or something along the lines like that.

I can actually see the top part of my abs near the Diaphragm because I play the flute a lot and have to use that a lot -- so I’m a bit glad.

I really do want to have better abs because I feel like the fattest boy in this club I go to, plus my twin (who is a minute older so has proclaimed himself as the older brother) keeps calling my puffy and fat.

It would be really funny when one day he pokes my stomach and it’s hard not soft.

There has been some improvement ever since I started to have a balanced meal a few months ago and started doing a paper round on my bike.

I've come up with an idea to do some crunches and sit ups but I’m not really sure on how much to do.

Author: Anna
Age: 15
City: Pittsburgh
State/Prov: Pittsburgh
Country: United States


I know how everyone feels here. You want that perfect flat, 6 pack abs. If not a six pack, at least flat right?

Well I've done research on it, and here is what I've come up with. Just doing abs exercises actually sometimes won't get you that flat abs. It might be in your genetics, that's preventing you from getting it.

However, even so you shouldn't give up. Diet and exercise always helps. Yeah I'm sure you've heard a thousand times, but it does. Also, moderate the times you work on your abs. Your abs are like any other muscle in your body. They need to rest, so once you did a hard core workout on your abs, give them a day to rest. Then go back to the exercise, and then over time add a little more resistance, or more crunches.

I hope this helps.

Author: Sheryl
Age: 15
City: Falkirk
State/Prov: Scotland
Country: United Kingdom

Hi ya, I’m 15 and I’m really worried about my abs and my sides, like my oblique. I just can’t seem to find the right exercises to help it out. If anyone has any good exercises I could use -- it would be really good, thanks. How long it would take for me to see results??

Best Abs & Back Exercises