The Diet for Teenagers Only

The Diet for Teenagers Only book provides color cutouts of favorite foods that clarify what portion sizes should look like * recommended 7-day meal plans for differentcalorie needsĀ­and create-your-own-menu options * easy-to-follow recipes and grocery shopping tips that inspire teenagers to take nutrition into their own hands * a complete illustrated exercise program to complement weight-loss efforts, boost energy, and strengthen young bodies * a personal food diary for charting daily progress


The Diet for Teenagers Only is a great book intended for 13 to 19 year old girls that offers a sensible balance of recipes, weight loss strategies, and straight talk about food.

Teenage girls face a relentless assault on their self-esteem. Television, the Internet and magazines presenting an unrealistic image of what a teen girl should look like.

In fact, research shows that only 14% of teenage girls are happy with their body shape and size. More than half of them think they should lose weight. And most shocking of all, obesity among teenagers has tripled in the last decade alone.

The Diet for Teenagers Only provides teenagers the dietary tools they need to fight back and make smart, independent decisions about nutrition. The book is easy to read and filled with practical tips and must-have information. It offers a breakthrough diet plan specifically tailored to fit teenage needs and lifestyles.

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