Journey to Myridia

Check out Journey To Myridia, a fantasy adventure novel by author Charles Cordova you'll for sure enjoy reading.


Journey To Myridia is about a ten-year-old girl that disappears into an abandoned toolshed one day. But she hasn't just wandered away, she's been summoned by the Master Wizard of Myridia to save a princess. Now it's up to Valerie's sisters (timid Brianna, age twelve, and impetuous Cynthia, fourteen) to find her and bring her home.

Along the way, the girls befriend a talking shoe, an enchanted mirror, a being made entire of saws, hammers and other tools, as well as the handsome Lord Andre and his friend Vosloe of Evansdale. But before the girls can save Valerie, they must overcome two ogres, a fierce Gracon-Bird, three Blue Lions — and their own fears. They must also solve the mystery of the Doors of Dread ...and that's before they even reach Castle Coberg, where Valerie and the princess are about to be executed.

If his plan succeeds — and it appears that it will — the ruthless Mondragon will become the next King of Myridia. Standing in his way are three young girls and a princess. And if they all must die in order for Mondragon to achieve his goals, well... believe it or not, you can now download your FREE copy by clicking here and check out The Teen Write Page, a site for aspiring young authors to display their talent by publishing some of the best stories being written by today's teens.

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