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"Smooth sailing doesn’t make for a skilled sailor" Which is a very appropriate quote that applies to the author.

In retrospect he looks back on his life and understands how all the pain of past regrets were self inflicted and most certainly not necessary.

A time came when he had a very special dream that brought all the pieces of his puzzle together in a moment of divine insight.

He began to use this new philosophy to purposely create his life from the inside out. In learning that all experience is a reaction of something internal, something invisible.

Now his pleasure comes from sharing this experience and process with anyone who will listen.

His new challenge becomes to teach others to rise above years of habitual thinking that stands in the way of purposely creating experience. He understands that life is a continuous journey of self discovery and that the outcome of this journey is all self created.

Baboo Says is a popular book where a Magical Genie explains the wonders of life and how to create beautiful experiences by using the Magical principles of the universe. Bringing power, confidence and inspiration to teens and adults as well.

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FREE Spiritual Guidance