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Most teens and young adults are interested in nutrition because they either want to look good or improve their athletic performance. Girls usually want to lose weight, while guys usually want to build more muscle and get taller. Too many teens are so inactive they not only become couch potatoes, but they sometimes get mistaken for the couch itself! If you sit more than two hours a day in front of the TV or computer, you are likely to be out of shape. The real goal is to be fit, not just thin. So what's the solution?... EAT RIGHT & EXERCISE!


Nutritional needs differ for different ages within adolescence... notes Tara Liskov, M.S., R.D., outpatient nutrition coordinator for Yale-New Haven Hospital and co-editor of The Yale Guide to Children's Nutrition (Yale University Press, 1997).

The most important variables are in calories, protein, calcium and iron. Calcium intake is crucial because skeletons stop accruing it at age 25, Liskov says.

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