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Don't supersize your butt... you need to learn how to exercise it and get it in shape the right way. The proper shaping of your butt will not only help you fit better and more attractively into your clothes, but will also help you to look and feel better.

Read comments from other teens about simple butt and thigh exercises as well as issues. But remember, nothing will work unless you combine it with a balanced diet and exercise regularly.

So before you exercise anything at all, just be sure to bookmark this page for future reference, don't forget to tell your friends about us and please give us your feedback and you will receive a FREE gift for doing so right away.

Did you know that your gluteus maximus (commonly referred to as your butt, bottom or behind) is actually the largest and strongest muscle in your body?

How can your butt be strengthened?

Any exercise that works the muscle groups adjoining them generally affects your butt. Specially if you do it by directly working or flexing your butt muscles themselves.

1. The Deadlift.
2. The Squat.
3. The Leg Press.
4. Gluteal Flexing.
5. Certain Sports.

The Deadlift
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The Deadlift is performed generally by bending at the knees and grasping a barbell in front of you. Wear a weight belt for this exercise. Lift with the legs as you stand and straighten the back once standing. Perform high reps with less weight to really work the bottom.

The Squat
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The Squat should be performed with a squat rack and a spotter. You should wear a weight belt and there should be padding or a towel around the barbell where it will rest on your neck. Resting the bar on your neck with your spotter behind you, grasp the bar evenly overhand. Stand up the rest of the way and step back carefully. Squat down till your thighs are parallel with the floor and stand up fully again. Do high reps and low weight for the glutes.

The Leg Press
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The Leg Press is done on a leg press machine. Press the leg press out and let it back again. High reps, low weight. Always to exhaustion.

Gluteal Flexing
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Gluteal Flexing can be done anytime, anywhere you are not concerned about the practice being noticed. Simply learn how to tighten and release the muscles of your gluteus maximus. Do it successfully and you can begin to do repetitions. Once you have doing controlled reps down you can do hundreds a day if you like. Do them fast or slow to work them two ways. This is your Glutteous Maximus (your butt).

Sports that keep you on your feet
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Sports that keep you on your feet or toes and moving or which otherwise generally work the legs will help tone your butt.

This is true for two reasons:

If it works your thighs, it works your butt.
Moving on your feet causes the associated muscles to tense frequently (and this includes your butt).

Some sports that are recommended for exercising your butt include tennis, racquetball, handball, swimming, soccer, running and bicycling.

Also visit Exercise For Beginners, where you can learn about other simple, but effective exercises.

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Following are comments from other teens about this subject.

Age: 15
City: North Bergen
State: NY
Country: United States

Listen, I really do think all you little 12 year old are getting brainwashed by the media!

Just because Hilary, Lindsey, and Nichole are anorexic (which is very unhealthy) does not mean that u need to be.

Stop complaining about weighing 100-125 pounds because that’s under the healthy range, just because the media says that 90 pounds is in doesn’t mean its true!

ASK THE DOCTOR! I’m 15 and a half and I weigh 164 and I may sound over weight but I definitely do not look it, my main problem is my thighs, but the lowest weight id go to is 140 because I want to be myself not someone who is all fake and plastic surgery on television!

Girls, I’m pretty sure ur all gorgeous so don’t be obsessed with loosing weight when ur 102 pounds!

Good luck to u all.

Author: Jessi
Age: 20
City: Lansing
State: IL
Country: United States

You girls are making me ill. The fact that you are working out and eating right is great, but most of you are 12-16 years old. You haven't even grown into your body yet. Besides, what's the point of impressing boys. Here's some advice, look at a height weight chart.

It might make some of you feel more comfortable with your weight. I'm 5'2 and about 125 lbs. And I know there are a few target areas I need to work on. But for all you young girls, stay active and eat right and you'll be fine.

Don't worry about magazines and models because most of them aren't healthy.

And for those of you that are 5'4 and 110-125 lbs, you're in a healthy weight range, so don't say eww. When you grow up, most guys worth dating don't want extremely skinny women.

Author: Ashley
Age: 12
City: Saint John
State: New Brunswick
Country: Australia

Hello, my name is Ashley and I would like to say that most of you guys sound pathetic.

I mean, you know what, who cares how much you weigh it could be mostly muscle, you never know! But I am 12 years old and 11 months. I weigh 112 pounds that isn’t my problem. I don’t care how much I weigh its just that my ass is huge and right under my butt is flabby. There is a wrinkle there seriously.

It sounds pathetic nut there is a crease under my butt. It’s almost swimsuit season and until I work off that flab I am not wearing a bathing suit.

Do you guys know anything I could do at home to exercise without equipment or weights? By the way, here's a tip: if you are hungry wait for 5 minutes and then if you are still hungry pop a piece of gum in your mouth (get a 60 pack it works better) so whenever you want your food its right there with 5 calories and it lasts as long as you want!

Author: Bianca
Age: 14
City: Los Angeles
State: California
Country: United States

I'm 5'3 and weigh 113 pounds. But the part that I hate the most is my ass. The rest of my body is okay. Does anyone have advice on how to make your flat butt look normal?


Author: Leslie
Age: 18
City: Medicine Hat
State: Alberta
Country: Canada

I am 18 years old and I have excessive fat every where on my body. Although I’m not over weight, I’m not comfortable with my body. I weigh 150lbs. Most of the weight is in my calves, butt and thighs. Does anybody have great work outs to help me with this? I am very uncomfortable with showing me exercising in public.

Author: Vanessa
Age: 13
City: Houston
State: Texas
Country: United States

You all are complaining about being 5’8 and 102 pounds…oh my gosh. Well why don’t you try being 5’8 and weighing 165 pounds. Some of my friends have tried to help me but it doesn’t work. I have tried so many dieting tips and so many different diets but those haven’t worked either.

I went on some site that told me to eat less and work out more but it’s not as easy as I seems. After you haven’t been exercising for a while, you get easily tired when you try to do it again.

I am tired of having to hide myself behind big baggy clothes and I was surfing the web looking for something that will help me. If anyone has any ideas please let me know.

Author: Brittany
Age: 14
City: Toronto
State: Ontario
Country: Canada

I'm 5'4 and 117, pretty much all of my fat is on my thighs and my butt. Does anybody have any good workouts for me (that do not involve weights/barbells)?

Thanks a lot!

Author: Anna
Age: 14
City: Silverdale
State: Auckland
Country: New Zeland

Hi people, I’ve been reading some of the comments here and am amazed at what I’m hearing!

Some of you seem to be saying you are whales.

I’m 5 foot 8 and weigh 150 pounds which is a safe weight for my age and height. I am trying to lose weight but I will do it safely and won’t stress out too much. I don’t think ill ever look likes a super model but that’s ok.

I’m me... my boy likes me for being me. So don’t 4get it’s OK to be you!

Author: Kate
Age: 16
City: Dublin
State: Ohio
Country: United States

Ladies, listen, when I read your articles, I was disgusted. Has the media influenced your perceptions that much? I am 5'1" and I weigh 160 pounds.

All of you girls who are on here complaining because you weigh 106 pounds are pathetic. There are so many more important things. As college draws near for me, I am now realizing that. Focus on the things that are truly important to you... friendships, grades, sports, music; whatever it may be. Obsessing over your weight will not make you happy.

Enough for my rant. Now for advice, I have recently lost 35 pounds and I am halfway to my goal. The thing that I have found most successful is not eating after dinner.

It is really hard but it is worth it. I stopped eating after dinner, stopped buying food at school, and started walking my dog 3-6 times a week, and the pounds came off. Don't make excuses. If I can lose weight with a severe metabolic disorder, then I know that all of you can too.

Author: Tish
Age: 13
City: Kitchener
State: Ontario
Country: Canada

Hi, I am 13 years old and I was just surfing the web to find a weight loss program.

I came across your site and I have read some of the comments others have posted. You make it sound like all of you are enormous whales! When that is not the case at all.

Try being 13 5'1 and 120 pounds. If people put you down for your weight just remember everyone comes in all different shapes and sizes. So stop putting yourselves down, because you are all beautiful!

Just choose salary with ranch dressing over McDonald’s double cheeseburger. Do what I do, crunch!! It tightens your stomach. And jog (I didn't like jogging until I got my MP3 player) you will feel great after you start exercising it increases your energy level massively.

Just don’t over do it and damage your health and never starve yourself you will become fatter.

Author: Crystal
Age: 15
City: Ottawa
State: Ontario
Country: Canada

Ok, guys, do you know how unbeliveably stupid you sound?

I am 5'4 and weigh 125 pounds :(

Please, get over yourself, that is not bad at all. It doesnt matter how much you weigh, it is how you feel about yourself -- and if you don't like it -- then change it.

But chances are, you guys are all really pretty anyway. Jeeze this is so idiotic. I came on this page to stay healthy, but it looks like evryone else is just here to "fix themselves."

I find it to be soo stupid that people want to be like celebrities. No one looks like that. The only reason they look so good is that it is their JOB is to look good. And they have people to help them (trainers, nutrition advisors, etc)... it is not normal.

Author: Kari
Age: 17
City: Gambrills
State: MD
Country: United States

Ok, I've been reading the other response to this article and I'm realizing these kids are normal weight but the magazines make them think they are fat. If you want fat try being 5'7" and weight between 180-190 pounds.

Author: Lena
Age: 16
City: Madison
State: WI
Country: United States

My dad has a big butt and I inherited it :(

I feel fine about my legs, but my butt has got to go. I am 5'4 and weigh 125 (eeeeeeew).

I’m using all of ur guys tips... I hope they work.

Author: Charli
Age: 19
City: Sault Ste. Marie
State: Ontario
Country: Canada

Hey guys, I'm 19 n just had a baby about a year ago, and my butt has taken a serious toll.

The rest of my body is fine, I worked out religiously to get my belly, arms and thighs back into shape, but my butt is saggy and my lower back just wont' get that nice definition back that it used to have.

From behind I look like I have no figure at all! I’ve been trying squats, leg lifts, leg presses, swimming and running, but nothing seems to be working... anyone know of any exercises that might help me tone my lower back? I’m thinking that might help my rear... thanks so much guys.

Author: Athene
Age: 17
City: London
Country: United Kingdom

I have had body issues since the age of 15 where I first gained a shape after being a skinny type.

I'm hardly a recalcitrant or unhealthy person: I walk everywhere, I do fencing, and I eat loads of fruit and vegetables.

Yet, increasingly I am made to feel like a social pariah for being more than a size 8 (UK sizes). I understand that some people do have serious weight issues and it's wonderful that they want to fix these but I wouldn't consider myself a fat person, I have an hourglass figure but I'm not overweight (I'm 5 ft 7 inches, 135 pounds).

Why can't we just accept the way we look? About 100 years ago skinny women would have been considered ugly and unhealthy and women with big bottoms would have been considered beautiful and sexy. I am not sure that exchanging exercises is the best way to solving problems with self esteem, maybe we need to accept the way we look and show others that they should too.

If a guy wants to go out with a size 6 model then good luck to him, but I don't want to have anything to do with that guy.

The other trouble is that often these exercises and diets don't work, I went to Italy last year and went on a serious diet, I lost 16 pounds but my shape was still the same, if anything it was emphasized.

I am never going to be a straight-up-and-down person; does that make me unhealthy or bad? There are different shapes out there, which are what makes it interesting, if we were all models we'd all be very hungry and boring. Love yourself a bit more!

Author: Ivonne
Age: 13
City: Los Angeles
State: California
Country: United States

My butt is, well... HUGE! I hate it. I'm 5'0'' and weigh 123 pounds :(

A lot of girls dream of having a big butt, because it looks great in jeans, and because the boys like it.

Yet... if your butt is saggy and big... there's no point. To tone my gluteus maximium, I did squats and leg lifts. Working with a step is also great. Running up and down stairs.

*~*GREAT EXCERSIZE*~* [Completely Mine]

Lie down on your hands and knees. Put a weight in between your leg and lift up. Do 20 reps. Repeat on other leg. Can be done without weight. However, more effective results with weight.

In a few weeks, you'll notice a greater butt. Even if you have a small butt, it'll look just as great as a big butt, for it will be, well... LIFTED! :)

Author: Sarah
Age: 14
City: Stockbridge
State: Georgia
Country: United States

Hey! I've decided to give you guys a tip on how to a temporary tight butt and tight thighs in a swim suit. All you have to do before you hit the beach/pool is work them out for 10 minutes.

Try some wall squats and then stretch. Or maybe even jump rope! They should last for a little while and it looks like your toned!

Author: Eve
Age: 14
City: San Francisco
State: California
Country: United States

Hey I know a lot of girls have issues with there butts and thighs. My problem with my butt and thighs are so annoying because they depress me -- and when I get depressed I eat -- and that makes my butt and thighs even bigger, which makes me more depressed.

I found that lunges and jump rope and just plan running can help tame trim and keep them under control. Right now I am 133 and i hope to get 118 the healthy way.

Author: Taylor
Age: 13
City: Noel
State: Missouri
Country: United States

As a teenage girl, of course I’m going to have things about myself that I wish were different.

But I am about 5'3" and I weigh about 118 lbs. and it sucks. I seem to gain the most weight on my thighs and butt. So don’t worry girls, I feel your pain too. A lot of my friends don’t even weigh 100 lbs!!

So, when I’m around them I always feel big, or fat. And I hate that feeling. My self confidence isn’t like it use to be.

Author: Alex
Age: 14
City: Lubbock
State: Texas
Country: United States

Hey! After working out and eating right I can now fit in to size 0 jeans. My boyfriend loves how great I look. I have never been so confident about how I look -- but now I am.

And I think that every girl should fell this way. They should workout and eat healthy and they will look great but best of all they will fell great about them selves.

One other thing -- they will drive all the boys crazy!!!

Author: Ashley
Age: 14
City: Sayville
State: New York
Country: United States

Hey! My name is Ashley, I’m 14, and I feel that my butt is not as "good looking" in jeans as it used to be. I feel that the jeans make my butt flat. But I seen to have an average size butt and I’m extremely athletic, I play softball and run track everyday. I feel that I need an exercise that will get my butt in shape for the summer. If you have and ideas for a simple workout that actually works, please let me know. Thanks so much!

Author: Jen
Age: 18
City: Santa Clarita
State/Prov: California
Country: United States

Girls, do you want a great butt? I have another exercise that works great. To do so, you need a three to five pound weight (use a weight that works for you) but I find three to five pounds works best. Lie on a mat or firm ground and place the weight on your lower stomach. Clench your butt muscles and lift to the ceiling with your hands behind your head.

Make sure not to strain yourself and use only the butt muscles to lift; not your back! Do about 30 reps. Good luck with toning those buns.

Author: Susan
Age: 13
City: London
Country: United Kingdom

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Butt Exercises for a Perfect Butt