LAIRO: Empowering Latino Families
Immigrant & Refugee Social Services

LAIRO strives to implement programs which address the entire gamut of family and community support, thus enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of service delivery, as well as the opportunity for clients' active participation in the life and betterment of their communities.


Latin American Immigrant and Refugee Organization Inc.
4623 Forest Hill Blvd.
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West Palm Beach, 33415
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Latin American Immigrant and Refugee Organization Inc. (LAIRO) has been in implementation since October, 1992, under funding from the Children's Services Council Palm Beach County.

Empowering Latino Families.
Family Therapy.
Children Building Their Future.
Prevention Education Classes for Parents.
Latino Women Breast Cancer Prevention Education.

It was 1989 when the founders of LAIRO, who had recently moved to Florida from New York, became aware of, and concerned about the existing big gap in services to the many low-income families and children residing in Palm Beach County.

The program provides the following services, all aimed at achieving the following goals, provided by a qualified bilingual, bicultural, full time Family Services Coordinator:

To enhance families' knowledge and skills about community resources and how to access them.

To empower families to advocate from themselves and their children, as they learn their rights and responsibilities as contributing members of society.

To strengthen families ability to resolve issues and meet basic needs.

All referrals and linkages to other needed community services are provided free of charge.

Assistance with language interpretation, advocacy, transportation and orientation is also available.

Basic Life Skills Training on issues such as Budget management housing, employment, children's schooling, health maintenance, and others.

All services are provided according to a Family Assessment and a Family Action Plan developed with each family by a trained professional.

The program serves an average of 60 families per year (approximately 120 adults and 180 children). Families served are poor and low-income, limited English-speaking Latino families with children under 19 years of age who reside in West Palm Beach, Florida.