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Phoenix/Nebulin's Don't You Forget (About Me)
Phoenix/Nebulin... Industrial Rock is a musical genre that fuses Industrial Music and specific Rock subgenres such as Punk, Oi!, Hardcore and later on known as Hard Rock.


Industrial Rock was created in the mid to late 1970s, amidst the Punk rock revolution and Disco fever, and was made famous by bands such as Throbbing Gristle, Cabaret Voltaire and SP.

Within a few years, many other musical performers were incorporating industrial-musical elements into a variety of musical styles. The term "Industrial Rock" most likely had its begining in the mid-1990's as a reaction to crossover bands being referred to as simply "Industrial."

The music of Phoenix/NEBULIN of Miami is an amalgam of sounds that blends the harsh, unforgiving drive of the industrial and metal genre with captivatingly melodic tones.

Lyrically, they guide you through another portal into the recesses of their imagination and offer their point of view regarding the world that surrounds, which is sometimes a meridian between anger and insightfulness.

Their live performances are exceptionally INTENSE!... delivering an unexpected power and emotion that never fails to leave the audience feeling less than ASTOUNDED...

This Latino hard rock group is haunting and beautiful. I agree, they do remind me of Evanescence, but with and edge that I enjoy. Linda Doval writes and sings in this band and she is not only HOT but sooo talented. "Acid Bath," is my favorite song on this album. Amanda

I really enjoy this band. Their sound is not your typical sound. You can compare them to Evanescence, but they are not as main stream. "Never Yours" brings a gothic type sound to a new level of incorporating industrial, and alternative. I can see these guys becoming the next big thing! Karla

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A remix CD containing some remixes off both of our previous albums (DISTANZA and MERIDIAN) has been completed," says Armando Doval, guitarist, keyboardist and programmer in the band."

Phoenix Nebulin Industrial Rock Band